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Missouri's Canyon Goat Company

"stacking the best on top of the best for outstanding pedigrees"

Canyon Goat Company, Inc.
Camdenton, Missouri



Our herd sires:

      Canyon Goat Company Breeder Boer Buck Stinger 

STINGER is producing big, robust kids for us. His kids tend to have hefty back ends and really nice profiles. STINGER's sire is SMOKIN HOT RUGER, who was named National Premier Sire in 2012 and 2013.
STINGER's dam is a daughter of Grand Champion Senior Buck POLAR EXPRESS

       fullblood Boer buck Super Square 

SUPER SQUARE boasts a massive chest and a long back which is being passed on to his kids. SUPER SQUARE's sire is SQUARE ONE, judged the National Premier Sire by the American Boer Goat Association in 2014.
The ennobled ARMED AND FABULOUS is SUPER SQUARE's dam. As you go a little deeper in his pedigree, you'll find STATUS QUO, RUGER RELOADED, 2DOX SALUTE, GODIVA (2004 National Reserve Champion), RIPPIN' BRASS, BINGO (2002 National Champion), MAIN EVENT, TABU (1997 National Champion), DOT (1997 National Champion), OSCAR (1998 National Champion), EGGSPENCE (2000 National Reserve Champion), EGGS T351, BANDITO, and LSBG-SA-649 (1996 National Reserve Champion).

SUPER SQUARE came to our farm in 2013. Some of his daughters have been bred to STINGER. The offspring from this cross boast nine of the top ten sires by ennoblement points!
We're very excited about the world-class genetics in our herd. We believe our breeder bucks have the very best backgrounds in the Boer goat industry and the characteristics we want to be passed on, producing bigger, broader, longer, meatier goat kids.
We invite you to come to the farm and take a look at SUPER SQUARE, STINGER, our does, and our kids in person. We think you'll be convinced you'll want these bloodlines in your herd, too.
Take a look at Super Square's pedigree by clicking here
Check out Stinger's pedigree here.

Introducing genetics from the American Boer Goat Association 2015 National Grand Champion Fullblood Buck, MAN OF MYSTERY:

Man of Mystery  

Paired with MAN OF MYSTERY is MS SEPTEMBER. This team earned National Grand Champion Best Pair of Fullblood Kids in 2015:

MS SEPTEMBER    ABGA National Grand Champion Best Pair Fullblood Kids

We are proud and honored to now have offspring from this outstanding set of champion Boer goats, MAN OF MYSTERY and MS SEPTEMBER. What great additions to our breeding program!


here come the pasture-raised Boer meat goats at Canyon Goat Company in Greenview, Missouri  Boer goat, Bell, with dogwood blossoms    Canyon Goat Company of Camdenton, Missouri

Here in the beautiful hills and valleys of the Missouri Ozarks, lies our Canyon Goat Company.
We invite you to explore this website. You'll see we enjoy raising Boer goats.
Bucks (billies), does (nannies), and kids are for sale for breeding, showing, or eating.
Thank you for visiting.

Full blood Boer goat does at Missouri's Canyon Goat Company

Feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call.
Richard and Michele Delanty
Samuel Delanty

Canyon Goat Company, Inc.
324 Velvet Antler Road
Camdenton, Missouri 65020
phone 573-216-9056 (7:00 AM to 8:00 PM central time)


last update: 3/1/2017


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