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On this page, I'll post photos from Canyon Goat Company - the goats, the farm, and maybe Richard and me.
Here, too, I'll mention events and happenings that may be of interest.

kidding stalls at Canyon Goat Company

We love our new kidding stalls. The panels and gates click together easily. They were manufactured at Braefiddich Farm in Republic, Missouri.

This is Stinger, our breeder buck purchased July 1, 2014. His first kids were born in December, 2014.

June 2014
We were proud to host a farm tour for a wonderful group of FFA members from across Missouri.


This elite group is with the HYMAX Academy (Helping Youth Maximize their Agriculture eXperience). These FFA members, during their weekend conference at the Lake of the Ozarks, prepare for future leadership roles, explore agricultural careers, and learn how to advocate for the agriculture industry.


Heading to Arkansas, this young buckling has a future as a show goat and a breeder buck on the Stapleton Farm.
Update: August 9, 2014 this five-month-old buckling, shown by Seth Stapleton, won Grand Champion Sire at the show in Arkansas.

100% Boer fullblood bucklings for sale in Missouri
Snug and warm in their lighthouse are these day-old fullblood twin bucklings.

Super Square, our breeder Boer buck at canyon Goat company, Inc.
Spring 2013 news:
This is our newly-purchased breeder buck, Super Square from Indiana's 2M Boer Goats / Newton Farm.
His most recent show win was at the Dixie National Livestock Show and Rodeo.
Look how long and well-muscled he is. Check out the wide chest. Super Square is just six months old.
His 90-day weaning weight was 83 pounds, which equates to a .82 pound daily weight gain. Incredible!

Super Square's parents:

Boer goat buck Square One   
Our buck, Super Square, is sired by the very well-known ennobled buck, Square One, pictured above. Still a young buck, his list of accomplishments at shows across the country is lengthy.
In the next photo is Super Square's dam, Armed and Fabulous. She was recently named "Grand Champion Yearling"

Super Square's grandfathers:

Boer buck Ruger Reloded   

Super Square's great grandfathers:

         SWE Main Event        CGJG Bandito

Our Super Square, along with his parents and grandparents, exemplifies the Boer breed standards of a long, well-muscled body, and broad rump and chest. These standards, evolved during the development of this breed over the past 70 years in South Africa,. have developed with the explicit objectives of improving the breed for economic production. The superior genetics Super Square brings to Canyon Goat Company and our customers is exciting!

Arriving in a March snowstorm, Super Square is now at home at our Canyon Goat Company in Missouri.

  full blood Boer goat breeder buck Super Square

Although his show career may not be over, Super Square is now a working goat and we look forward to his progeny.


Boer goat kids for sale in Missouri
Kids, kids, kids! I want to keep them all and must remind myself that we're in the business to produce and sell goats.
Each kid gets daily attention and all the goat ration, pasture, and hay they want. Kids are vaccinated for CD-T, CL, and Pasteurella.

Myotonic goats at Green Acres Village
Looking for a Myotonic (fainting) goat? Visit my friend, Deb's Green Acres Village website.


"We're hungry! Where's Mom?"


"Delicious lunch, Mom. Thanks!"


Ellie, our Border Collie
Ready to learn the intricate work of herding goats is our new Border collie pup, Ellie.

Border collie Maggie & Chicken
Ellie has big shoes to fill, or rather--big paws to fill. This is our late, beloved Maggie.

Winter goats
Boer goats are well-suited for Missouri winters with their thick, warm coats.

Wide load, and she has a week and a half to go!

Goats and canyons of Canyon Goat Company
Canyon Goat Company is aptly named. These rugged hills and canyons of the Ozarks are ideal for goats.

guard llama and Boer goats at Missouri's Canyon Goat Company
New to Canyon Goat Company, guard llama Rudy is introduced to his goat herd.

Percentage Boer goat kid at Missouri's Canyon Goat Company
I just really like this picture. We named this photogenic doe Cover Girl.

Boer goats at Camdenton High School's Agriculture Department
Two Canyon Goat Company does reside at the Camdenton High School's Agriculture Department to provide learning opportunities for the students in the Animal Science class.

Michele and students at Camdenton High School
Michele is showing the class the supplies kept in the obstetrics kit. The does will kid under the students' care.

Boer goats at Camdenton High School

Boer doeling with an Agriculture student at Camdenton High School      
On a short visit away from Canyon Goat Company, this doeling and buckling were a hit with the students.

Richard with Boer does at Canyon Goat Company
Richard's giving attention to some of the new moms in the nursery pen.

new Boer kids at Missouri's Canyon Goat Company   Boer kids with dam   brand new Boar doeling
Thirty-one happy, healthy kids were born to our March-kidding does.

100% Boer goat Indy 500, Canyon Goat Company breeder buck       
This is one of our breeder bucks, Indy 500, who is 100% Boer. Note his classic Boer profile.
Indy was born in early 2010 and his first offspring arrived December 17, 2011.

Boer doeling and buckling born at Canyon Goat Company    Sue with her future breeder Boer buck
This doeling and buckling are Indy's first kids. ~ Our thanks to Sue A. She added the buckling to her herd when he was weaned.

  Our pet goat, Pocket on the welcome mat at Canyon Goat Company
Goats make fine pets. This is our Pocket. Weighing a mere two pounds at birth, she fit in a pocket, thus her name.

Baby Pocket, our pet goat kid Pocket, our pet goat kid, in the laundry bottle baby Pocket Goat drinking milk from a bowl

Itty-bitty Pocket is looking for trouble.

Outside chores included taking the laundry off the clothesline.
Pocket helped.

One day, we thought it would be clever if Pocket would drink her milk from a bowl rather than her bottle.
This didn't last long!

Zsa Zsa, the guard llama   
This is Zsa Zsa, our protective and ever-vigilant guard llama.

Canyon Goat Company clinic with Filson goat turn table       fecal egg counting with microscope and chalex slide
This is the Canyon Goat Company clinic equipped with a Filson goat turn table and a livestock scale for weighing the animals. Here we trim hooves, attach ear tags, and administer medications.
We also evaluate body condition and FAMACHA scores. We collect samples to monitor fecal egg counts under the microscope.


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