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Goats for Sale

Square Canyon, a 3-month old buckling    Super Square, full blood Boer buck    full blood doeling Loblolly   

Greetings. This is Canyon Goat Company. Our family raises goats to sell goats and we thoroughly enjoy what we do.
We are dedicated to the health and well-being of the animals in our care and we pledge to treat our customers with respect and honesty.

Whether your interest in obtaining a goat is for brush control, for a pet, for meat, for breeding stock, or for a 4-H or FFA project, we appreciate your consideration.


Our goats are Boer goats, a meat breed originally from South Africa. We welcome sales directly from the farm. Feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call at 573-216-9056.

We just about always have kids for sale. It's birthing season almost year-round, so there are generally doelings and bucklings of various ages and sizes at any time. A kid is a goat less than one year of age. Currently, all of Canyon Goat Company's kids are sired by our fullblood Boer buck, Super Square. Click here to view Super Square's pedigree and photo.

We maintain a herd of around a hundred Boer goats here at Canyon Goat Company, so there are often adult females from which a buyer may choose. We occasionally have adult male goats for sale. These bucks will be listed here on this page when we do.

Our current breeder buck is fullblood Super Square. All pregnant does at this time were bred by him.


Price List:
(Kid prices are for Super Square's kids)
Up to 93% Boer goat doe
     $175 Kid
     $200 Open adult
     $300 Pregnant (or exposed) first time bred
     $450 Pregnant (or exposed) experienced dam
Purebred 94% to 99% Boer goat doe
     $300 Kid
     $400 Open adult
     $550 Pregnant (or exposed)
Fullblood 100% Boer goat doe
     $400 Kid
     $500 Open adult
     $650 Pregnant (or exposed)

Up to 96% Boer goat buck
     $2 per pound ($100 minimum) Kid
     Adults individually priced:
          $150 Adult "Samson"
Purebred 97% to 99% Boer goat buck
     $125 Kid
Fullblood 100% Boer goat buck
     $200 and up Kid
     Adults individually priced:
          $500 Adult "Indy 500"


Individual Boer Goats for Sale:

Sex: Buck Boer percentage: 100% Date of birth: November 15, 2013

ABGA registration # 10639575
full blood Boer buckling Square Canyon
pictured at 3 months of age


      AABG STATUS QUO **ENNOBLED** 3/2010 (10423489)
    AABG NBD SQUARE ONE **ENNOBLED** 1/2012 (10497427)
      AABG NBD LADY DI (10460316)
  Sire: 2M BOER GOATS SUPER SQUARE (10589482)
      C S B RUGER RELOADED **ENNOBLED** 3/2010 (10405280)
    2M BOER GOATS ARMED AND FABULOUS **ENNOBLED** 10/2013 (10538875)
      XTREME'S CHARISMA (10484290)
      3H ALMOST FAMOUS (10370006)
    DSAN KING OF HEARTS (10448993)
      ASH CREEK CANDICE (10178873)
  Dam: MCJL Y311 (10461457)
      STUTZMANS GOAT FARM T27 (10356554)
    JAWACA W31 (10457208)


Thank you, Kinney Family.

Of the hundreds of kids ever born here at Canyon Goat Company, this is the very best looking buckling. He inherited his sire Super Square's long body, broad chest, well-muscled body, and classic Roman profile. Square Canyon is a real hunk!

We're not raising Square Canyon on anything special--just dam's milk and now pasture--yet he has gained .65 pound a day. He's a buckling with a very good background and shows great potential. If not sold, we will use Square Canyon in a future breeding program. Click for more information on Square Canyon.


Sex: Buck Boer percentage: 50% Date of birth: March 15, 2012



Sire is BEAR CREEK BC Z500 INDY (10512524)

Dam is Yellow 303


Samson's sire is our fullblood Boer Indy 500. His dam is Y-303, one of our foundation Boer does. Samson was born at school as part of our partnership with the Agriculture Science Department, so he received tons of hands-on attention from the students. He is good-natured and leads well. Samson is a low-maintenance buck and would be a fine breeder.


Sex: Buck Boer percentage: 99% Date of birth: March 3, 2014

USDA 199

unregistered, but  may be registered at 99%
purebred buckling for sale $125

Sire is fullblood Super Square.
Dam is 98% Boer Red 6.


This purebred youngster won't be small very long. He'll be weaned and ready to go in June.





Boer does for sale at Canyon Goat Company in Greenview, Missouri

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Richard and Michele

Canyon Goat Company, Inc.
Richard and Michele Delanty
324 Velvet Antler Road
Camdenton, Missouri
phone 573-216-9056 (7:00 AM to 8:00 PM central time)
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