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Goat Meat for Sale
Carne de Cabra para la Venta

Young goats before processing

We have for sale USDA-processed meat from our young pasture-raised goats.
The goat meat is vacuum-wrapped and frozen. The available meat cuts for sale include steaks, chops, roasts, quarters, ribs, and ground.

For a limited time:
  Goat Meat Variety Box 
plus 2-day FedEx (about $19 within the Midwest)

Goat meat variety box
This box includes 1 leg roast, 1 pkg. shoulder steaks, 1 pkg. cube steaks, 1 pkg. fries, 2 pkgs. ground, 1 pkg. chops.

Online sales have been good, therefore we're out of most cuts. If we don't currently have what you want, send us an email and request notification of our next processing. The chart below lists what cuts are in stock, the weight, and the price per pound.
Dry ice or ice packs and shipping are extra. We pledge to keep these costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality.
Each customer will get personalized service and we'll seek the best delivery provider for your destination.
FedEx tends to be the most reliable and least expensive.

To buy goat meat:
Choose your cuts of goat meat.
Email the selection and your zip code to us.
We'll reply with a total price that includes shipping.
Upon your approval, we'll send you an invoice from which you may pay.

Richard and Michele Delanty
Canyon Goat Company, Inc.

Cabrito from our farm to your home.
Send us an email or give us a call at 573-216-9056.


Goat Meat Cut and Approximate Weight

per Pound

goat meat roast for sale   chevon roast

Bone-in leg roast
1.5- to 2.5-pound package


cabrito chops for sale   goat meat chops 

Bone-in chops
1-inch thick
1-pound package

Sold Out


tenderized goat cube steaks   cabrito cube steaks

Boneless cube steaks
5 in a package
1-pound package

Sold Out


buy goat meat ribs   chevon ribs for sale 

2 slabs per package
3.5- to 4-pound package

Sold Out


shoulder steaks from goat   chevon steaks for sale 

shoulder steaks
.75-inch thick
1-pound package

Sold Out


ground goat meat   goat meat ground 

1-pound package

Sold Out


chevon fries   goat fries 

Goat fries
.75- to 1-pound package

Sold Out



goat meat fore quarter    

Fore quarter
7.5- to 8-pound package

at farm purchase only, no shipping


goat meat hind quarter   cabrito hind quarter 

Hind quarter
5.5- to 6.5-pound package

at farm purchase only, no shipping


Cabrito is the meat of the goat kid. Meat of the adult goat is chevon.
Both are also known simply as goat meat.
Worldwide, more goat meat is consumed than any other red meat.
Goat meat is a healthy alternative to beef, pork, and chicken because of its lower fat, calorie, and cholesterol content.
Goat meat is a delicious source of protein and iron.
Caribbean, North African, and Middle Eastern cuisine are becoming increasingly popular.
It's no wonder cabrito and chevon have become mainstream in the United States.

The nutrition facts are impressive:
USDA Nutrition Chart for Goat Meat (Chevon, Cabrito)

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Camdenton, Missouri
phone 573-216-9056 (7:00 AM to 8:00 PM central time)
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